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March 2019

How you manage your budget is key to your financial success, no matter how much you earn. In our newsletter we highlight some of the considerations to keep in mind around budgeting.

This includes how to adjust your budget to minimise the effects of some of the tax changes finance minister Tito Mboweni announced in the national budget.

A budget can show how to allocate your money and help you prepare for unforeseen events or large unexpected costs. These include replacing a home should it be destroyed by a natural disaster, or valuables like vehicles or electronic equipment.

Read on for tips on how to budget, and remember, having the right budget in place keeps you focused on your financial goals, helps you organise your spending and savings and gives you 100% control over your money.

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Shannon Barnard


2018 is here...and so are we!

After a disastrous and traumatic 2017 with all the fires in our Garden Route area, it’s nice to see the regrowth of plants and trees and our clients rebuilding their properties.

It’s wonderful to see all the positivity and goodwill that flowed from the community and how they all came together to support each other through this traumatic period of time.

Please call and visit our offices to see all the lovely changes that have taken place – not only with regards to the look of the office, but to the staff as well with the inclusion of Margaret van Huyssteen who retired from FNB in 2017.  Our family has grown to 8 staff members who can look after all your requirements whatever it may be.  We strive to provide Service Excellence to all our valued clients.

For this coming year we encourage our policy holders to ensure that their buildings are insured for full replacement value at the current building rate. Please take the following into account when determining the value of your building – remember to include paved and surfaced areas (including driveways) of brick, concrete, asphalt or stone. Boundary or other walls, gates, fences as well as swimming pools and tennis courts. You can always consult with any of the reputable local builders in our area for their advice as to Replacement cost.

Ensure that you have sufficient cover for accidental damage to fixed machinery installed.  This extension covers fixed machinery like electric gate / garage motors, pool pumps and air conditioners for accidental damage.

We strongly recommend regular review of your Short term cover to ensure that you are always covered correctly.

Another reminder when we enter the last quarter at the end of 2018 is to review your Medical aid requirements as this is the time when Medical Aids update their different products.

We are looking forward to a very exciting year with lots of developments and off course, bettering our service to you with every move we make… so watch out Plett, The Insurance Shop Team is ready to GO!!

Kind regards,

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