Life Insurance

Life Insurance

For every R1000 per month your family needs to live, you need a capital of R200 000.

  • For example:  Monthly budget:  R10 000, Capital required in order to provide R10 000 per month:  R2 million.
  • It is easier to pay a monthly premium of R400 than for your family to find R10 000 per month to live on out of nowhere
  • How much does your family need?  Come and see us to make sure that your family is taken care of when you cannot care for them anymore



Will your children have to be your pension fund?

  • The same formula applies to retirement as the one mentioned above.
  • If you work for a company, 15% of your gross income would be invested into a pension fund in order for you to retire.
  • How much of your gross income are YOU investing?
  • Nobody wants to work forever.  Contact us to assess your retirement planning now.



Your child’s educational future depends on your financial planning

  • Give your children a head start by calling us to help you plan for their education today



Whatever your needs, we cater for every phase of your lifestyle.

  • We do the following:
    • Guaranteed Investments
    • Monthly income with capital growth
    • Lump sum investments
    • Unit Trust
    • Matured Retirement Annuities

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Life Insurance